Comm One On Call – Physician Answering Service

Comm One On Call is a fully automated answering service, designed for physicians, medical practices, hospitalists, dentists, or any other group of doctors that maintain a rotating call schedule.

Instead of using traditional (mistake-prone) live operators to answer calls, Comm One On Call uses a carrier-grade high-reliability hosted IVR (interactive voice response) platform to answer the incoming calls from both patients and other medical professionals.  After collecting some simple basic information from the caller (like the caller’s return phone number), our system uses the built in on-line call schedule to immediately notify the doctor who is currently on shift.  Notifications can be sent to the doctor’s mobile phone and/or pager, typically as short text messages, which tell the doctor to return a call, and to what number.

example text message (or page) the Doctor would receive:    

Return call to patient at: 888-555-1234

The online call schedule is maintained by the doctor(s) or group administrator, using either our Windows Practice Manager software, or the browser interface (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc).  Changing your schedule is literally as easy as several clicks of a mouse. Once you sign on with your ID and password, using either the Practice Manager software or the browser, you can pull up the call schedule and easily set or change the call shifts.  Many medical practices will be able to simply use one call shift per day, but the option is there to use up to 5 shifts per day, if needed.

One of the highlights of this system is its flexibility.  We realize not all doctors and medical groups have the same set of requirements, as far as answering calls and gathering initial information from the caller. The call process is highly customizable – it could be as simple as only asking the caller to enter his 10 digit call back number, and thats it.  Or it could be more complex – for example, you might want the system to prompt the caller: “Press one if you’re a nurse.  Press two if you’re a patient.”  The caller type can then be passed on to the doctor. The system can even take a brief voice message from the caller if needed; the doctor would then be notified of a pending voice message, and he will then need to call into the system to listen to the message.

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